Gadgets are simple search boxes. Click the link named ‘Gadgets’ in the top toolbar. This will cause a pop up box filled with search box “gadgets” to appear. Enter a search term in the appropriate box to be brought to the results page of your gadget of choice.

Link to Gadgets

Available Gadgets
Note: Press enter to execute your search in all gadgets-

  1. Define – Searches all of Credo’s dictionaries. Gadgets popup
  2. Person – Searches the full text of all Credo’s biographical ebooks. 
  3. Images – Searches all of the images in Credo Reference. 
  4. Pronunciations – Searches every entry in Credo Reference that contains an audio file.
  5. Crossword Solver – Use question marks (?) in place of the letters you do not yet have in your crossword.  You will be brought to a page with a list of possible words.  Click words to see if the definition matches your clue.  Also works as an anagram solver.
  6. Quotations – Searches all Quotation Books in Credo Reference.
  7. Conversions – Credo’s Measurement Converter.  Convert area, distance, energy, fuel consumption, temperature, power, speed, volume and weight.